Author: PriskaSheeda Queen born Priska Kibala is a twenty eight year old Author, mother, wife and social activist in her own right, from South London, England.

Leaving her native country of Democratic Republic of Congo in 1993 at the age of five alongside her mother and two siblings to join their father, the UK became her home and she adapted very fast. Completing her primary schooling at Kensington Avenue and Broadmead to then move on to complete 5 years of secondary education at Ashburton community school in 1999, by 16 years old she was set for Carlshalton College were the young Author finished 3 years of Travel and Tourism Business marketing. Leaving with great results affording her the universities of her choice, but as circumstances changed the author was faced with the challenge of having to postpone her dreams of furthering her education in her chosen subject of business and marketing.

Being brought up in an environment that oozed creativity, diverse cultures and social injustice, Sheeda Queen was never short of inspirations for her short stories and the poems she often wrote as a youngster. These inspirations often came from music/videos, television programmes, films, books and then of course there where the inner city crimes she witnessed that affected her directly and indirectly, these ranged from police brutality, knife, gun crimes, drug selling and drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, incarcerations and so on.

These issues did not only help her create a thick skin, but also facilitated into combining her personal qualities to become a well-known figure in her community. Being only a young teenager herself she was able to help and offer advise where possible and sometimes with the permission of her mother Sheeda Queen used their family home as a temporary place of refuge in worst case scenarios. The impact of all these issues lead her to develop the ability to strive and work hard for everything in life, as she once quoted;

“People like me are not supposed to make it, coming from where I’ m from you have little to zero chances of making anything of yourself especially if you lack the right people in your life. So when I dreamed of making something of myself, I didn’t just think of me, I thought of those people that I grew up with knowing that they will never get the chance to tell the world that they exist, so I take it upon myself to do so. I see it like I’m the voice for the voiceless”

Sheeda Queen’s creative thoughts and passion lead her to enter college talent shows, showcasing her lyrically abilities by using rap to convey her conscience messages and often coming runner up as a result.

The messages in her rap then caught the ears of judges from a show that was being organised by London city council called Inner City Youths in 2006 at a competition she had entered. The author was one out of a few people picked from 250 potential candidates who had auditioned.

The show was held at London City Hall, where she became a key figure in the performance because of the message in her rap lyrics. Viewed by many prominent figures who had attended including then mayor Ken Livingston, the show was an instant success; making Sheeda Queen all too aware of the powers that be when you put pen to paper. This experience motivated her further towards her long time passion of reading which broadening her already creative mind in order to gain knowledge in the areas of education she was not receiving in school or at home.

Focusing on family life and personal trials, Sheeda Queen was now at a standstill, not knowing exactly what to do with her long term passion of writing, she buried all her creativity and channelled her energies elsewhere.

It was only a few years later when struck by the tragic deaths of her best friend’s mother who she regarded as a close aunty, the death of her father in-law, then finally the death of her younger sister awakened something deep within her, this creative passion arose again but now as a coping mechanism urging her to do something major with her writing and to leave something behind as part of her legacy before it was also her time to go.

The burst of energy, excitement, a mix of business, street knowledge, history and political knowledge gave birth to her up-coming much anticipated fiction novel chestnut which plays as a fiction autobiography. Chestnut is a novel that is said to change the dynamic of the literary world and introduce book reading to an audience who otherwise would not have the slightest interest in reading.

Sheeda Queen can be contacted via the following: